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Mr. Yellow

Jun 14, 2024

Hello Mr. Yellow! A new 404 template is available for LayerSlider.

Furniture Collection

Jun 11, 2024

Discover opulent furnitures with the Furniture Collection LayerSlider template. Ideal for luxury retailers and designers. Create stunning showcases with immersive browsing.

Fit Fusion

May 29, 2024

Fit Fusion is a dynamic template that combines the strength of bodybuilding, the vibrancy of Zumba, and the serenity of yoga in a single digital space. Ideal for gyms, fitness studios, and wellness centers.


May 28, 2024

Don’t settle for bland 404 error messages! Explore LayerSlider’s templates and 404 add-on to convert frustrations into captivating adventures for visitors.

Light In The Dark

May 22, 2024

LayerSlider 7.11.1 is now available alongside a new 404 template.

New Modern Style

May 15, 2024

A sophisticated and alluring LayerSlider hero section designed for websites desiring a modern edge. Engage with stunning liquid effects that add a touch of dynamism. This template is fully responsive, ensuring an impeccable display on both desktop and mobile platforms. Customize with ease; download, replace images and text, and bring your website to life.

Fragrance Fantasy

Apr 29, 2024

Immerse yourself in the allure of this great template where perfume imaginations come to life in a symphony of colors and scents.

LayerSlider 7.11 with 404 Add-On

Apr 22, 2024

LayerSlider 7.11 showcases an all-new add-on manager, unveiling the arrival of its latest addition: the 404 add-on. Don’t let those dull 404 “Not Found” error messages be a dead-end for your visitors. LayerSlider’s 404 add-on empowers you to transform those boring and frustrating error pages into captivating experiences.

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Weekend Sale

Apr 16, 2024

Highlight your website discounts with modern visuals. Our new template guarantees that your visitors stay updated on all discounts in a stylish manner. This premium LayerSlider popup template is a part of the WebshopWorks addon.

Love Bloom

Apr 11, 2024

Celebrate Mother's Day with "Love Bloom," a template radiating in pink and reddish hues, adorned with heart shapes and mesmerizing 3D parallax effects. Tailored for gift shops, flower boutiques, and family blogs, this template captures the essence of love and appreciation for mothers. An ideal starting point for projects, its enchanting blend of colors and dynamic parallax effects can be effortlessly customized through LayerSlider, creating a heartwarming digital tribute to all mothers. This premium LayerSlider popup template is a part of the WebshopWorks addon.

New Text Selection Behavior in LayerSlider 7.10

Apr 2, 2024

Learn about the new text selection behavior introduced in LayerSlider 7.10.0. Understand how it affects existing and new projects, and explore the control options available to you.

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Mother’s Day 2024

Apr 2, 2024

Capture the spirit of Mother’s Day with a shinky new popup joined to our thoughtfully curated collection, meticulously designed to ignite your creativity and serve as the perfect foundation for your heartfelt projects.

Overlapped Sign Up popup

Mar 27, 2024

If you would like to show a sign up form with style, we recommend downloading this LayerSlider popup template as part of the WebshopWorks addon.

Wine Estate

Mar 21, 2024

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of winemaking with this website template that captures the essence of a classic vineyard.

Contact Icons

Mar 11, 2024

If you need a simple but spectacular solution for displaying contact icons on your website, we recommend downloading this LayerSlider popup template as part of the WebshopWorks addon.

Fashion Lab

Mar 4, 2024

Introducing a premium template that is perfect for boutique owners, fashion bloggers, and anyone looking to infuse their online presence with style.


Feb 15, 2024

Want a website that visitors won't forget? This forward-looking responsive template features stunning visuals, which guarantee to leave your visitors with a lasting experience. Download and change it to your style, fill it with your content, and have an impressive website. Use it with LayerSlider 7.9.10 or newer.

DJ Service

Feb 7, 2024

DJ Service - a simple but powerful LayerSlider premium template with great animations and vibrant colors, plus sleek design elements. Download, customize, and enjoy.

Luxury Resorts

Jan 31, 2024

This premium responsive website template introduces an imaginary business that deals in luxury apartment rentals and related services. Download, customize and let your website shine.

LayerSlider 7.9.9

Jan 30, 2024

LayerSlider 7.9.9 is available now with new features, improvements, and bug fixes.