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$ 69 one-time
for 1 Website


$ 26 per year
for 1 Website


$ 179 one-time
for 3 Websites 3 5 10 20 50 50+


$ 66 per year
for 3 Websites 3 5 10 20 50 50+


$ 159 one-time
for 1 Product

All prices are in US dollars and exclude taxes. EU businesses can use their EU VAT number for 0% tax. We are using FastSpring, a secure and industry-leading payment processor.

Your LayerSlider license explained

Order & Payment
  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Our payment processor, FastSpring, accepts a variety of payment methods: Credit or debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Alipay, iDEAL, Wire transfer, and more.

    The payment methods available vary depending on your location. Subscriptions require a payment method that supports auto-renewal.

  • Are payments secure? Is it PCI compliant?
    All payments are handled by FastSpring, an industry leader based in the United States specialized in digital sales. They are PCI Level 1 (highest) compliant; they adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are regularly audited. FastSpring does not store credit card numbers and they have a comprehensive fraud-prevention system in place.
  • Do I have to pay taxes?
    FastSpring, the payment processor we use, collects any applicable taxes based on your location. You may be eligible for tax reduction or tax refunds if you or your organization has a valid tax exemption status. EU businesses can use their EU VAT number for 0% tax.
  • Do you have special deals or discounts?

    From time to time we’re having discounts, offer coupon codes, etc. Please consider following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter to be informed about future deals.

    We can also negotiate custom deals for volume licensing if you’re planning to purchase a larger amount of licenses.

  • Can I use a company VAT ID?
    Yes. We highly recommend entering a VAT ID as you might be eligible for certain taxation benefits.
  • Form W-9 (TIN)

    Businesses in the United States use IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, to get information from vendors after business transactions such as a payment for products and services.

    Since LayerSlider is sold through FastSpring, our payment processor, they will be the vendor of record. You can find FastSpring’s W-9 form on the following URL:

  • Do you provide invoices?
    Invoices are automatically generated and accessible from the email message sent out upon completing your order. You can also access them by logging in to Your Account page.
  • What’s your refund policy?
    We are dedicated to treating our customers fairly, thus we gladly provide a refund in most cases. Please review our Refund Policy for more details. The same page also contains instructions on how to ask for a refund.
  • Can I purchase a license on my client’s behalf?
    Sure, you can make purchases on your client’s behalf.
  • I’m having trouble with my order.

    If you’re experiencing issues completing your order or have further questions regarding the ordering process, please contact us by using the form on our Contact Us page.

    If you’re having troubles using the plugin and have product-related questions, please open a support ticket and a support staff member will respond to you as soon as possible.

  • What happens when my subscription expires?

    If you cancel your subscription, it will remain active for the already covered period. If you don't renew your subscription and let it expire, you'll lose access to everything that requires a license: product updates, premium templates, exclusive features, Add-Ons, and customer support.

    We will notify you about upcoming renewals a week in advance. Even if your subscriptions couldn't automatically be renewed, you will have a grace period to sort out technical issues to keep your subscription.

  • How do I receive product version updates?

    Subscriptions receive product updates as long as they remain active.

    For one-time purchases, we offer lifetime updates. It means that all future releases of LayerSlider will be available to you free of charge, including major version updates.

  • On how many sites can I use LayerSlider?

    You can use LayerSlider on as many sites as your licenses allow. A Personal license can be used for a single website only, while the Professional license can be used for multiple sites depending on your selection. You can purchase additional licenses for more websites.

    Your licenses cover additional development mirrors as well. Please refer to the next question to learn more.

  • Can I use my license on a development mirror?

    Sure! Development installation are counted differently than live production sites. You can use LayerSlider on 3 additional development installations per site covered by your license.

    So, a Personal license gives you 3 additional development mirrors, while a Professional license covering 5 sites can be used for up to 15 development mirrors.

    Development installations are identified by whitelisted domains.

  • What about domain aliases, subdomains, or WordPress Multisite sites?

    Your license is not bound to a domain name. Domain aliases can be used if they are pointing to the same site.

    “Sub-sites” that are very closely related to each other and generally have the same content and appearance are considered a single site.

    If subdomains or WordPress Multisite sites are used for localization or special landing pages within the same site, then it is covered by your license. In other cases you need to purchase additional licenses.

    As mentioned above, your licenses also cover additional installations in case of a development environment.

  • Can I transfer my license between sites?

    Of course. You can simply deactivate a license on a site and activate it on another. See the details in the documentation.

    You can also manage your activated sites by logging in to Your Account page. See the details under the Licenses & Sites menu.

  • How theme bundled versions are different?
    WordPress theme authors may include LayerSlider in their work, however, there are some differences between the bundled and licensed versions. Since we don’t receive any share after their sales some premium features and content are available only for our direct buyers. Releasing updates and handling support also the responsibility of the theme author. For more information, please refer to this article.
  • Can I re-sell or re-distribute LayerSlider?
    Re-selling or re-distributing the plugin files in any way is strictly prohibited. However, we offer an In-Stock license for theme authors, so they can include LayerSlider in their work. For more information, please visit our In-Stock Usage page.
  • Where can I see the full license terms?
    You can find the full license terms on this page.
Product Support
  • What’s your support policy?
    Our support staff is at your service to answer any product-related questions. We also attempt to assist with 3rd party integration or compatibility issues. We are dedicated to fixing known issues by regularly releasing updates. Please review our Support Policy for more information.
  • For how long do you offer customer support?

    Subscriptions receive full support coverage for the entire time while the subscription remains active.

    One-time purchases receive 6 months of included support time that can be extended to a full year at a discounted price.

  • My support time expired. What should I do?

    Purchase a subscription-based license to receive access to our Support Portal. You'll have access to customer support as long as you have at least one active subscription.

    Why a subscription-based license instead of a support extension option? We're phasing out support extensions in favor of subscriptions since they roughly costs the same (or even cheaper) while they offer much more value like the ability to use LayerSlider on additional sites without paying extra.

  • Do I have to extend support time per license?
    No, support time is not linked to individual copies of the product or the websites where you use them. We provide customer support if you have at least one active subscription or a lifetime license with an active support period.
  • What happens when my support period expires?

    Support period never expires for subscriptions, unless you cancel the subscription itself. In that case you'll lose access to everything that requires a license: product updates, premium templates, exclusive features, Add-Ons, and customer support.

    For one-time purchases, you won’t be able to open new support tickets. Everything else remains the same. You will receive plugin updates and have access to any new feature or content made available.

About the product
  • What is LayerSlider?

    LayerSlider is a set of a client application and online services:

    LayerSlider with the Project Editor
    This is a web-based application that can be installed on a web server as a WordPress plugin. In the Project Editor, you can create visual content for your website, and it is also needed to access the LayerSlider Online Services.

    LayerSlider Online Services
    Our online services provide access to instant updates, cloud-based features, integration with third-party services such as Google Fonts, and a constantly growing list of accessible content like project templates, assets, stock photos & videos, icon families, and more. The servers required for the online services are operated and maintained by Kreatura.

    LayerSlider with the Project Editor and LayerSlider Online Services are working inseparably together as a SaaS solution to provide the best user experiences for customers.

  • What are the plugin requirements?
    LayerSlider supports all modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer 11. The WordPress plugin requires WordPress version 3.5 or newer and PHP version 5.3 or newer.
  • Will LayerSlider work with my theme and plugins?
    Yes, LayerSlider should work with any theme and any plugin. We’re closely following all standards, recommendations, and best practices to avoid any incompatibility issues whenever it’s possible. As part of our Support Policy, we’re also available to help you with integration and compatibility related cases.
  • Do I need coding experience to use LayerSlider?
    The WordPress version of LayerSlider offers a full-fledged easy-to-use drag and drop editor. No coding or web development experience required.
  • How do I update LayerSlider?
    You can download new releases at any time by logging in to Your Account page. The WordPress plugin also has an auto-update feature, so you can install new versions with a single click by navigating to Dashboard -> Updates after completing product activation.
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