Marketing Resources & Guidelines

We believe that attention to the smallest details can bring continued success for your work. We provide the following marketing resources, so you can display the LayerSlider branding in the way that’s fitting in your context and your work.

Review Copy & License Key

We provide LayerSlider review copies and license keys to news organizations and other online outlets. If you’re writing about LayerSlider, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly provide the resources you need.

Product Name & Spelling

Always use the correct product name with the correct capitalization. LayerSlider is only one word, there is no space between “Layer” and “Slider”.


Layer Slider


LayerSlider uses the following fonts for its website, logo, and other textual content:

Montserrat LayerSlider font preview.
Poppins LayerSlider font preview.

Useful Links

You might want to consider using the following URLs in your support resources, product site & documentation, or similar places. These URLs are maintained and they will always point to the right place. They can be extremely useful to reduce support inquiries for example. Place them at the right place and your customers might read our documentation, release log, and other assets instead of opening a support ticket on your side.

Release Log
Purchase URL

Terms & Conditions

Downloadable assets like banner or logo images are the intellectual property of Kreatura. Kreatura retains ownership of these assets but provides them to you royalty-free in connection to marketing. You may use these assets to display LayerSlider branding in your work. You are allowed to modify these assets to fine-tune their appearance in your intended use case. Deceptive or misleading use of these assets is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to use them as your own product branding; when there is no connection to LayerSlider; or where you portray non-genuine versions as the original.