Full List of Features

Design & Appearance

Cutting Edge Technologies

Super smooth transitions with 3D hardware accelerated graphics. Built on and extensible with standardized web technologies.

Many Project Types

LayerSlider offers an all-in-one multi-purpose solution for sliders, slideshows, hero scenes, image galleries, carousels, popups, animated page blocks, and more.

210+ Templates

A growing selection of 120+ slider and 90+ popup templates1 are waiting for you. They cover most use cases and project types, and are easily adjustable to your needs.

8 Layout Modes

Fixed size, responsive, full-width, full-size, hero scene, fit to parent, os-native fullscreen mode, and popup.

9 Layer Types

Image, Text, Video/Audio, Button, Shape, Icon, Object/SVG, HTML, and Dynamic Layer.

Slider Behaviors

Sticky or Scroll Scene allows you to pin or play slider animations as you scroll through the page.

19 Built-In Skins

Choose from a variety of different skin styles and color schemes that matches your content.

Skin Customization

You can change controls and other interface elements. See the Navigation section.

200+ Slide Transitions

A wild selection of pre-made slide transitions with 2D and 3D special effects to WOW your visitors.

Visual Transition Builder

A drag & drop visual editor enables you to make slide transitions based on your own vision easily.

Post Sliders

Make dynamic sliders from your WordPress posts and pages that will automatically update whenever you add content to your site.

Mixed Content Sliders

You can mix static and dynamic sources together to achieve a mixture of normal and post-based projects.

Special Effects

The Origami special effect adds truly stunning visuals to your content.

Icons & SVG

LayerSlider comes with 16,000+ built-in icons with different styles, and supports adding custom ones with SVG or icon fonts.

Icons & SVG

LayerSlider supports adding icons with SVGs or icon fonts.

Google Fonts

Choose from hundreds of unique fonts and customize your content and website appearance with beautiful typography.

Static Layers

Keep layers in the scene across multiple slides and re-use them when building continuous content.


Set date and time when your projects or individual slides will automatically display or hide on your front-end pages based on your scheduling.


Link the entire surface of your projects or just particular layers. WordPress integration enables you to use dynamic links that follow permalink changes or language-specific URLs.

Shape Builder

Easily add simple and complex shapes such as polygons, blobs, and waves to your projects. LayerSlider makes it child’s play to customize them or go crazy with the settings and make mind-blowing shapes you didn’t think of before.

Custom Attributes

You can apply any HTML attribute to layers as well as use data-* attributes for compatibility or customization purposes like using a Lightbox plugin.

LayerSlider Project Editor

Modern Editing Experience

The all-new editor works like a native professional desktop application with modern features that makes content creation a joy.

Drag & Drop

You can easily move, resize and perform other common tasks in our WYSIWYG editor. No coding or prior experience is needed.

Smart Help

Each option has a help menu that describes and visually demonstrates what that setting does, so you never have to leave the editor or read the documentation. These menus also provide useful and frequently used values.

Search & Actions

Easily find options when you’re not sure where to look. Effortlessly navigate the interface or perform common actions from a powerful search panel.

Guided Tours

A guided product tour will be welcoming you when you first open the editor to show you around and explain key parts of the interface.

Interface Customization

Editor panels can be closed, resized, or moved around to fit your preference and screen space.


Never fear that you made a mistake. You can easily undo any changes with the keyboard shortcut that you’ve already used to.


Want more than an undo-redo? Revisions allows you to go back in time and restore earlier copy. It also serves as a back-up solution where you can visually compare versions.

Live Preview

Instantly preview your animations with just a button press. A continuous playback mode also allows you to preview layer animations while editing them, showing instant replays of your adjustments.


Scrubbable timeline with color-coded markers makes it easy to find and edit key points of your animations.

Group Selection

Move or resize multiple layers at once with only your mouse cursor.

Multiple Selection Mode

Easily edit layer settings such as transitions, styles, and others with a bulk selection mode.

Smart Operations

Perform automatic calculations and bulk edit layers with different values based on math formulas.

Context Menu

Right-click certain elements to bring up the context menu that helps you instantly perform everyday tasks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There’s a comprehensive suite of keyboard shortcuts available for productivity and workflow optimization.

Rules & Guides

Rules and guides can be used to easily align layers or keep a certain amount of separation between them.

Alignment & Snapping

Easily align layers to certain portions of the screen or relative to each other with layer snapping.

Image Editor

A Photoshop-like image editor where you can crop, resize, color-manage, etc. images, and apply special effects and filters.

Copy & Paste

You can copy and paste layers even across different sliders. You can also copy and paste their styling or transition options to easily apply the same design for consistency.

Drop to Upload

Quickly upload images and other assets from your computer just by dropping them onto the editing area.


You can import slides and layers from any of your projects even without leaving the editor.

Layers List

Browse and control your layers easily from the layers panel, which shows a helpful preview of each item in your project.

Distraction-Free Editing

A fullscreen mode ensures that you can focus on what really matters: your content.

Layer Animations & Effects

Layer Transition Presets

Not sure where to start? Discover pre-made layer transitions to easily add effects that will WOW your visitors.

Ken Burns Effect

The famous zooming and panning effect used so much in the filming industry.

In/Out Transition

Simple opening and ending transition to bring layers in and then pushing them out of the scene.

Text Transition

Bring your words to life with text transitions. Animate by splitting them to separate lines, words, or characters to apply transitions to each part.

Loop Transition

Repeat transitions with an optional Yo-Yo effect. It can be used as a “middle” transition between In and Out Transitions.

Hover Transition

Transform layers and play animations when someone is touching or pointing them with a mouse cursor.

Scroll Transition

Make your website interactive that react to your visitors by playing layer animations when scrolling the page.

Parallax Transition

Add a parallax effect to backgrounds or layers. It can be triggered by the mouse cursor, scrolling the page, or by tilting mobile devices.

3D Parallax

The parallax effect can also have spatial effects in 3D space for an ever more immersive effect.

Layer Actions

Make truly interactive content with layer actions. Change slides, scroll on the page, open a popup, and more. It can be used to build a custom navigation area as well as to offer visitors interactive features.

Transition Mirroring

With transition mirroring, you can have carousel-like effects that animate layers back and forth depending on the navigation direction.

Text Mask Effect

Apply gradients or texture on your fonts by using an image or layer background.


Origin, Offset, Size, Scale, Skew, Rotate, Fade, Mask, Perspective, Color, Filter, and more.


Position, Size, Typography, Filters, Color, Background, Blend modes, and much more.

Popup Features


Open or close popups after waiting a certain amount of time.


Open or close popups when a visitor becomes idle for a certain amount of time.


Open or close popups based on scroll position.


Open or close popups when clicking on interface items such as a button.

Exit Detection

Draw your visitors’ attention with a popup when they are about the leave the site.

Fullscreen Popup

Popups can take as much space as you want. You can display overlay-like popups covering your entire site.


A popup can close itself automatically if it’s finished playing its animations.

Social Share

You can easily add Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media buttons.


Among others, your popup design can display greetings, sales, or newsletters to drive conversions.

3rd Party

You can embed forms built with other plugins to extend the functionality of your popups.


Display short messages like cookie notices or your store business hours.


Target certain pages, users, or first-time visitors with a unique design.

Repeat Control

You can choose if/when a popup should appear again for your visitors.


You can freely modify the opening/closing animation as well as the popup and overlay appearance.

Mobile & Optimization


LayerSlider automatically adapts to any screen size, so it looks great on all devices.

Mobile Visibility

You can show or hide projects based on the viewing device to only show them whenever you want.

Alternative Layouts

With device-specific layers, you can make an alternative look for mobile phones, tablets, or notebook and desktop computers.

Performance Mode

Ensures that sliders aren't consuming resources in the background. It can dramatically increase performance when there are many sliders on the same page.

Mobile Performance

Older and low-powered devices can still run LayerSlider thanks to smart optimization that automatically adjusts to device capabilities.

SEO Friendly

LayerSlider follows best practices and allows you to further optimize your content for search engines.

Retina Ready

LayerSlider comes with high resolution support and looks crips on retina devices as well as older screens.

Image Optimization

Project images will be served in different sizes depending on the screen size. It’ll look crisp on all devices, load faster, and save bandwidth.

Smart Slider Preloading

A background process makes sure to preload images that are about to display to offer a “pop-in” free experience.

Lazy Loading

LayerSlider makes sure to only load assets when they are needed to increase site performance.

Under the Hood

Conditional script loading, markup caching, and tons of other performance and compatibility options are available.

Media Support


Embed YouTube videos with their URL or embed code. Integration also offers features like automatically fetching the video poster image set on YouTube.


Embed Vimeo videos easily with a URL or embed code. It also offers features like automatically setting the video poster image.

Self-Hosted Video/Audio

You can upload your own video or audio files to the WP Media Library to serve them locally or from a CDN.


LayerSlider will make sure to autoplay your videos even on mobile devices by recognizing browser restrictions and automatically adjusting settings.

Video Background

Set videos as slide backgrounds for an even more immersive experience.

Unmute Button

You might want to mute your videos by default for a distraction-free experience and offer users an easy-access button to enable sound.


There are several features to customize the player interface and behavior like setting custom poster images, volume, fill mode, etc.


Loop videos and audio sources with just a click of a button.


Touch & Swipe

LayerSlider is mobile friendly, and you can tap or use a swipe gesture to step slides.

Keyboard Navigation

You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to step slides.

Shuffle Mode

Play your slides in random order.

Two-Way Slideshow

When enabled, the slideshow keeps track of the navigation direction and can go backward.

Navigation Dots

Places dots at the bottom of your project to instantly jump to a certain slide.

Slide Thumbnails

You can also display thumbnail images of your slides for navigation purposes.


The slideshow will automatically pause after the set number of loops.

Bar & Circle Timers

Timers indicate the length of slides.

Draggable Slidebar

A scrubbable bar works similarly to a timeline to rewind animations.

Ecosystem & Integrations

Lifetime Updates

Pay only once and receive software updates for the entire lifetime of the product, including major version updates. There are no subscription or hidden fees.

Hands-On Support

Receive timely responses from our team of professional support staff. You receive 6 months included support time for your purchase that can be extended 50% OFF at checkout.

Documentation & Help

Browse our extensive documentation and other help assets like FAQs, video tutorials, and more.


Join our community on social media with millions of satisfied LayerSlider users.

1-Click Instant Updates

LayerSlider will automatically notify you and offer software updates, which can be installed instantly with just a click.

Privacy & GDPR

Privacy-related settings allow you to control external services and to make your site is GDPR-ready.

Permission & User Control

You can provide access to LayerSlider for users on your site based on WordPress roles or custom capabilities.

Translation & Localization

You can easily create multilingual content with WPML, PolyLang, qTranslate, and other popular plugins. LayerSlider also deeply integrates with WordPress to extend the translation capabilities even further and offer the ability to translate its entire interface.


LayerSlider supports the WordPress Multisite feature where you can have multiple sites running from the same WP installation. All network sites can use LayerSlider, although licensing might depend on your use case. Please see our FAQs for more information.


You can easily move your work between sites or share it with others with the Import/Export feature. Importing will also copy over the images and other relevant files, and it’s as easy as selecting a ZIP file from your computer.

Export as HTML

Export projects in an HTML format to be used for the standalone version of LayerSlider on non-WordPress sites.

Skin Editor

You can add new skins or customize the built-in ones with the integrated skin editor via CSS.

CSS Editor

Write your own CSS code to customize content appearance on your site even further.

Developer Friendly

LayerSlider comes with a separate Developer Documentation, which theme authors and web developers can use to customize LayerSlider even further. We have a JavaScript API as well as PHP functions and WordPress hooks, which allows building custom solutions on top of LayerSlider.

System Status

Identifies possible issues and displays relevant debug information about your site.

Cache Plugins

LayerSlider automatically empties page caches of popular 3rd party plugins when you edit your work.


Secure Payment

Payments are handled by FastSpring, an industry leader based in the United States specialized in digital sales. They are PCI Level 1 (highest) compliant; they adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are regularly audited.


We take security very seriously and employ the latest technologies with utmost care to keep our products secure. Known and reported issues are always fixed as soon as possible.

Bounty Program

We encourage reporting security issues that we often reward with bounties, so we can know and release patches before issues are taken advantages by bad actors.

Compatibility & Requirements

Works in All Web Browsers

LayerSlider supports all modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, popular mobile browsers, and even Internet Explorer 9 and newer. A limited number of features may not be available in older versions of Internet Explorer.

jQuery 1.8.0+

LayerSlider requires jQuery 1.8.0 or newer. New jQuery releases are always supported via software updates.

Supports Your Theme & Page Builder

Elementor, Gutenberg, Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder, Divi Editor, CornerStone, and other general page builders are all supported. For many of the popular options, LayerSlider comes with dedicated widgets with features like quick edit your projects right from the page builder as well as other customization and embed options.

WordPress 4.4+

LayerSlider requires WordPress 4.4 or newer. New WP releases are always supported via software updates. Our goal is to cover the entire WordPress ecosystem, that’s why we still support more than 6 years old releases.

PHP 5.4+

PHP 5.4 was released back in 2012, so it won’t be an issue for any hosting service. New PHP releases are always supported via software updates. LayerSlider supports the freshly released PHP 8 as well.

  1. Some popup templates are available through purchasing an additional content pack. The popup feature comes with your LayerSlider license for free and includes 16 templates. New templates are being released for both the included and additional collection.
  2. The visual slider builder interface and its related features are only available for the WordPress version of LayerSlider. The WordPress release offers a way to export projects in HTML format to be used for the standalone version of LayerSlider on non-WordPress sites.