How to Update LayerSlider?

I’ve purchased LayerSlider from Kreatura

Our direct buyers can use our convenient Auto-Updates feature, which in most cases, only requires a click of a button. You can also download the latest version and update it manually, which might be needed if you’re using a very outdated version of LayerSlider.

  • Updating via the Auto-Updates feature

    After performing Product activation, LayerSlider updates automatically appear on your site just like any other WordPress plugin update. You can check if there is a new version available on the Plugins or Dashboard → Updates screens. A notification will also appear on the LayerSlider WP admin pages about new releases.

    BEWARE: you might experience update issues if you’re currently using a very old and severely outdated version of LayerSlider. Make sure to read the other option below if this solution doesn’t seem to work for you.

  • Updating the plugin manually

    Once you’ve downloaded the most recent version from, you can deactivate and remove the old version, then install the new one. Your sliders and settings are in the database, removing the plugin won’t touch them. You don’t have to worry about losing your work, as keeping LayerSlider backward compatible is one of our top priorities, even for really old releases.

I’ve got LayerSlider with a WordPress theme

Theme bundled versions of LayerSlider are updated by theme authors. The exact update procedure can differ from theme to theme, but here are the things you should check.

  • Update your WordPress theme to its latest version

    Many theme authors ship the latest versions of LayerSlider by releasing theme updates. It’s always a good idea to update your WordPress theme to its most recent version first.

    However, this alone might not be enough, and you should also explore the other options below.

    Important: WordPress might not offer you automatically to update your theme. Always verify what’s the most recent version from the place where you purchased/downloaded the theme you’re using.

  • Using the theme’s plugin manager

    Modern WordPress themes (especially the ones from are using a special administrative screen to manage bundled 3rd party plugins. This is different than WordPress’s built-in “Plugins” screen, and it can be used to update bundled plugins. Its location on the WP admin sidebar can be different from theme to theme. It’s always a good idea to check your theme’s documentation on how to update bundled plugins.

    However, there are cases when the update process does not work as intended. Make sure to follow the other options below if you experience issues with updating LayerSlider.

  • Ultimate trick: Re-installing LayerSlider

    This is a common trick if you experience issues with updating LayerSlider. The plugin manager mentioned in the previous point will always download the latest version. It can still make a new install with the newest release if it cannot perform an update. Just deactivate and remove LayerSlider, then re-install it from the plugin manager.

    Don’t worry! When you remove LayerSlider, your sliders and settings are kept safe in the database, and they will be available after the re-install the same as before.

  • Extra: Check your theme’s documentation

    It’s always a good idea to check your theme’s official guide on how to update bundled 3rd party plugins such as LayerSlider.

    However, the information displayed there might not be up-to-date or entirely accurate in some cases. Both themes and plugins are constantly evolving. Things can change, including bugs and their fixes, so we highly recommend checking the other options displayed on this page.

  • Still no luck updating?

    Most importantly: contact the author of your WordPress theme and ask guidance on how to update LayerSlider.

    It’s also possible that the author has not released an updated version of LayerSlider yet. Or maybe they aren’t even planning to. It worth asking what you can expect from them.

    Since Kreatura does not receive a cut from theme sales, it’s the responsibility of theme authors to handle support and release updates.

    If a theme author doesn’t plan to release LayerSlider updates, you might want to consider purchasing a direct license from Kreatura. This is optional and not needed in most cases. However, it gives you instant access to the most recent releases, our convenient 1-Click Auto-Updates feature, and other premium benefits such as Popups, premium templates in the Template Store, and more.