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The day has finally come to share LayerSlider 7 with you. We’re super excited about this release. It’s a massive milestone in the development of LayerSlider, which gives us a solid and modern foundation we can easily and quickly build upon.

What’s new?

The most significant change is an all-new and modern editor with lots of new features, content, and usability improvements. We’ve also modernized the UI and its functionality throughout LayerSlider. There are many changes under the hood as well to maximize compatibility and eliminate past issues. The complete changelog and updated documentation will be available at release.

What’s the release date?

You can expect the final version in 1-2 weeks. We’re aiming to release the stable version around Black Friday.

Will the price change?

It’s a free update for everyone, including theme-bundled versions. Purchasing a new license will be available for the same price for a limited time after release.

How can I try out the beta version?

Register your LayerSlider license in the Product Activation box on LayerSlider’s main admin screen if you haven’t done it yet. Then just select the Beta release channel in the same box. WordPress will offer you the beta version in the next 24-hour period. You can force WordPress to check for new updates by navigating Dashboard → Updates on the admin area.

Is the beta version stable enough?

It should be. We’ve tested all of our templates and more with the new version. However, it’s pre-release software. There might be issues we aren’t aware of yet. It’s always a good idea to back up your site. We also recommend emptying the caches of your web browser and any caching/optimization-related WordPress plugin if you encounter an issue.

Have questions or want to provide feedback?

You can reach out to us on our contact page. We gladly answer any questions you might have about the new version. We also appreciate any feedback you can provide regarding the beta release.