Support Policy

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Hi there,

For us at Kreatura customer satisfaction is really important. We strive for excellence in customer service and to offer the highest quality products we can produce.

The following policy outlines what you can expect from our team of support staff. We understand how frustrating and neglecting it can be when you fall between two stools. Thus we promise you humane treatment and we do our best to help you out even if it’s an unrelated issue.

If you have further questions or would like to provide feedback and share your thoughts, you can do so on our Contact page.

Before opening a ticket

Many support queries and technical questions will already be answered in the product documentation and its troubleshooting section, FAQs and tickets from previous buyers. We do our best to answer every question as soon as possible, but it might worth be looking for an answer on your own when time is the essence.

Product support includes

Product-related questions Answering general and technical questions on how to use the product and its features. Providing assistance if you get stuck, experience an issue or need guidance with any part of the product.
Fixing issues & releasing updates We take responsibility to fix any reported issue within a reasonable amount of time after reporting it. We release updates regularly to add new features, improve upon the existing features, and to fix any issues discovered. Providing ongoing compatibility with the ever-changing software world and keeping products secure by fixing any reported vulnerabilities is one of our top priorities.
Integration & compatibility While we cannot guarantee to resolve issues that are caused by 3rd parties and thus they are out of our hands, but we can always provide guidance and assistance to take action in the right direction by finding the source of the issue.
Installation service Our support staff can help you installing LayerSlider on your site if you ever find yourself in trouble. This service is completely free of charge.
Feedback & Feature Requests We are always happy to receive feedback on how we could make LayerSlider better.

Product support does not include

We understand that most of our customers are not programmers. That is why we will also help you with issues caused by other components (plugins, themes, etc) and we will provide you instructions to help fixing problems, even if it is not directly related to our items. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix every issue caused by faulty 3rd party components.

Customization We don’t offer customization services. We give you the tools and means to build something amazing. We provide assistance on how to use these tools. However, at the end it’s your responsibility that how you use these tools and we cannot carry out your dreams on your behalf. We’re very much open to your opinion and recommendations and will consider implementing features, but we cannot promise customization beyond the capabilities of the product.
Hosting, server environment, or software We’re keeping up with industry standards, follow recommendations and best practices in the field in order to cover as wide rage of the audience as possible. Since we take special care to support even very old software versions, server configuration issues are not common. However, there might be some edge cases where it’s necessary to involve the ISP/web hosting provider to resolve an issue. We can always provide guidance, but we cannot take responsibility if the other party is not willing to help or want to charge you with additional fees.
3rd party issues If an issue is caused by another item on your website, for example, another plugin or a theme, we might not be able to resolve it from our side. We strive to improve compatibility, coverage and play nice with others. We keep up with standards, follow recommendations and best practices in the field. We often get in touch with other developers in order to fix a potential issue. However, as much as we want to help every customer, there are situations where we simply cannot. What we can offer in those cases is guidance and tips, which the 3rd party author can work with and tackle down the issue.
Non-product-specific questions We cannot help you with non-product-related inquiries. For example, using CMS systems, using other plugins or themes, etc.

Product support period

A valid support period is required to access our ticket system with support inquires. If you’ve purchased a subscription, you have full support coverage for the entire time as long as your subscription is active. For one-time payment purchases, you receive 6 months of included product support from the date of your purchase. The support period can be extended by another 6 months if you purchase a support extension at checkout.

  • What happens when my support period expires?

    Support period never expires for subscriptions, unless you cancel the subscription itself. In that case you'll lose access to everything that requires a license: product updates, premium templates, exclusive features, Add-Ons, and customer support.

    For one-time purchases, you won’t be able to open new support tickets. Everything else remains the same. You will receive plugin updates and have access to any new feature or content made available.

  • How can I extend my support period?

    Purchase a subscription-based license to receive access to our Support Portal. You'll have access to customer support as long as you have at least one active subscription.

    Why a subscription-based license instead of a support extension option? We're phasing out support extensions in favor of subscriptions since they roughly costs the same (or even cheaper) while they offer much more value like the ability to use LayerSlider on additional sites without paying extra.

  • Do I have to extend support time per license?
    No, support time is not linked to individual copies of the product or the websites where you use them. We provide customer support if you have at least one active subscription or a lifetime license with an active support period.

One-time purchases & lifetime licenses

We’re providing lifetime product updates for one-time payment purchases. This means that you will receive every update - including major version releases - for free for the lifetime of that product, even if your support period expired.

Average response times

  • We live in UTC+01:00 (Central European Time) time zone. Please keep in mind that we may have a different daytime in our region compared to yours.
  • Usually, we will respond to you within 24 hours. In some edge cases (depending on the reported issue) we might need a little more time, but we are trying to be as fast as we can. Our average response time is well below this figure, but certain factors may delay our response in some cases.
  • We are not working on weekends, but we will try to respond to you whenever we can.

Where can I get help if I received the product bundled in a theme?

If you’ve received one of our products bundled in your theme, then product support and updates are handled by the theme author. You can still access our online assets such as the documentation, FAQs, tutorial videos and public tickets, but we can only provide hands-on support for our direct customers.

We take plugin development very seriously and we’re dedicated to offering the best product we can produce. If one of our products came bundled in your theme, please keep in mind that it is a bonus item that you essentially received for free, as we do not receive any cut after theme sales. Theme bundles are a great way to increase our popularity by offering our unique and useful products to the crowd. However, product development and customer support require a lot of resources, thus we can only offer our services to customers who have supported product development by purchasing a license directly from us.

If you need help, please contact the author of your theme. Alternatively, consider purchasing a license, so we can provide you hands on support, automatic updates, premium features, slider templates and other exclusive content & services.