LayerSlider has left
Envato Market

We are here and it is better for you

LayerSlider is now fully independent and is being sold exclusively on this website. This is an occasion worth celebrating as it allows us to offer better services and customer experience.

What’s the least I should know?

This announcement is for past purchases made on CodeCanyon / Envato Market. It does not affect you if you’ve purchased LayerSlider here on or received it with a WordPress theme.

LayerSlider continues to be actively developed. Instead of CodeCanyon, it is now being sold exclusively on this website. We use FastSpring, a well-known and trusted eCommerce company, so payments are always secure. Otherwise, there isn’t too much difference, only benefits, and more customer choices. Our terms and policies are almost the same as before. Existing customers continue to receive updates and can use the product without any change. New customers receive the same benefits. It doesn’t matter where you purchased LayerSlider; everyone is treated equally. Your downloads and other account features can be accessed by logging in to your Kreatura account. No registration or password is required; you can log in with your email address alone. We recommend that you do so and import your previous Envato purchases.

So what’s this about?

It all began more than two years ago when we started to migrate our products and services outside of Envato Market. At the time, we were convinced that leaving Envato was the right choice for both our customers and us. Being independent allows us to provide better services and fulfill long-requested needs, like providing multi-use licenses with volume discounts. Envato’s recent Author Terms change reassured our previous assessment, and we’ve taken the final step and removed LayerSlider from CodeCanyon to only offer it on this website.

Why is it good for me?

There are many reasons. We can now better focus our attention where it really matters. Strictly speaking only about leaving the Market, the following list more or less sums up the changes:

  • Much more payment options with security and transparency

    You can now pay with a Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Amazon Pay, Alipay, Sofort, and many more regional options. You can find the full list here.

    All payments are handled by FastSpring, an industry leader based in the United States specializing in digital sales. They are PCI compliant; they adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are regularly audited. FastSpring does not store credit card numbers, and they have a comprehensive fraud-prevention system in place.

  • Multi-currency support

    FastSpring supports many currencies, so you can pay with the currency you’re comfortable with to avoid currency conversions altogether in most cases. Our prices are in US dollars, but we don’t follow the 1$ = 1€ and similar paradigms, so you can trust that your rates are good.

  • No sign-up or deposit required

    You don’t have to go through a tedious sign-up process, and there is no deposit required.

  • Multi-use licenses with huge volume discounts

    One of the most frequently asked questions about licensing was regarding a developer or multi-use license. It’s here now, and we even added huge volume discounts.

  • Lower costs mean better prices for you

    We can offer LayerSlider significantly cheaper on our website because we don’t have to pay fees to Envato.

  • An entirely optional subscription payment option

    You can choose to purchase LayerSlider with an annual subscription for significantly cheaper. Don’t worry; one-time payments you’ve used won’t go anywhere. It’s just an additional option we’ve already offered for over two years to make LayerSlider more accessible.

  • Giveaways and more deals

    Our independence from Envato means that we now have much more control over promotions and giveaways.

  • More customer-friendly policies

    Our new terms and policies can be reviewed on the Legal page. It’s very similar to what existing customers have used to over the years. However, there are some noteworthy changes. For example, we now offer a free installation service. Also, the support period system no longer requires purchasing more support extensions if you have multiple licenses.

  • Real and valid invoices

    What Envato called invoices were not valid in many regions. On the other hand, anything we sell on this website comes with real invoices with VAT numbers and other important details. We can also edit them when requested to add more information that might be relevant to your country of residence.

  • Tax exemptions

    FastSpring offers ways to make purchases tax-free or refund the tax amount after purchase if you’re eligible. We’re based in the EU, so EU businesses can use their EU VAT number during checkout to automatically drop VAT charges. Tax exemptions also cover other regions, and we accept government-issued tax-exempt documents.

  • Help on all fronts

    Since there is no 3rd party involved, we can now help you with issues we were unable previously. For example, issues with accessing your account, recovering license keys, etc.

Is there anything I should do?

Not really. You continue to receive all updates and content the same as before. The transition should be seamless. However, downloads and account features that were previously provided by Envato can now be accessed by logging in to your Kreatura account. We recommend that you log in and import your previous Envato purchases. No registration or password is required. You can log in with your email address alone.

How this affects licensing and other terms?

Little to none. Existing customers can continue using LayerSlider on the same terms Envato provided when they originally purchased LayerSlider. For new customers, we had to come up with our own terms due to severing ties with Envato. For the sake of continuity and seamless transition, we’ve adopted most of their terms, and they’re almost identical to what you’ve used to. You can learn more on the Legal page.

What Was the “Kreatura Slider Plugin”?

It’s the same as LayerSlider. We’ve renamed the product on CodeCanyon for SEO purposes. The real product name has always been and always will be LayerSlider.

Still having questions?

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page. It has many entries about the new payment options, tax collection, company VAT ID, invoices, accessing account features, etc. The Help page is also there, so you can review all other sources to find a solution. You can also reach out and ask us anything from the Contact Us page.

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