Authors’ Guide On
LayerSlider’s Departure from Envato Market

This guide is for theme authors, mostly focusing on licensing. If you haven’t done it already, read the general announcement here.


We were in the transition of leaving Envato Market in the last two years to become fully independent. We’ve already migrated our products and services in that period, and now we’ve also taken the final step and removed LayerSlider on CodeCanyon. Don’t worry! Product development continues, and everything remains the same. The only change is where you can find LayerSlider: on this website.

Your purchased licenses remain in full effect with their original terms. We continue to offer LayerSlider as an in-stock item for new themes as well. We have no plans to change what you’ve used to. The licensing terms for new in-stock licenses are based on Envato’s, plus the few conditions we already had. We don’t want to change how the bundled version of LayerSlider behaves or how it’s promoted in themes. The only change is the place where you can purchase LayerSlider licenses and access your downloads.

You can find the licensing terms and all the other legal documents on our Legal page. We encourage you to review those documents if you’re planning to purchase a new LayerSlider license.

Old Links Are Now Dead

Since LayerSlider is no longer available on CodeCanyon, the old item page URLs are now all dead. You’ve probably used those URLs multiple times. Maybe linked LayerSlider on your ThemeForest Item page or the demo site of your theme as well as your documentation. We’ve also changed our domain name from to

We advise updating those links to reduce support inquiries and ensure your customers can find the help and resources they need, like LayerSlider’s documentation. Our final and permanent home is Here are the updated URLs for the most commonly used links:

Release Log
Purchase URL

Marketing Resources & Outdated Information

We figured that if you update links, you might want to update any outdated information as well. We’ve seen many themes out there spelling and using the LayerSlider name incorrectly or providing an outdated price point, among other things. That’s why we’ve launched a dedicated page dealing with how to display LayerSlider branding in your products. We’re also offering downloadable assets like banners or logo images, so you can easily use them without the need to replicate something similar.

View Marketing Resources & Guidelines

Register Your Themes

This isn’t really related to leaving Envato, but it’s important. For quite some time now, we’ve required theme authors to register their themes on the following URL:

While we cannot obligate you to do so, you absolutely should register your theme if you haven’t done it already. The reasons are described on the linked page. The main one is to whitelist your work in automated DMCA takedown services. Since these services are operated by 3rd parties who aren’t familiar with our relationship, this is, unfortunately, necessary to ensure your work is secured. We haven’t utilized such services in the past, but it can change at any time.